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P2PWG Taxonomy Working Committee Charter

The P2PWG Taxonomy Working Committee's charter is to define terminology and taxonomy classifications to articulate our messages to the P2P audience at large and facilitate productive working sessions among P2P developers.

Taxonomy Defined
What is the Taxonomy Working Committee about?

P2P is built upon a number of technologies. It has borrowed and adopted and adapted terms and concepts from computing and social disciplines. People apply new usages to existing concepts, and the field is evolving while numerous aspects are being investigated. The Working Group has realized that there is a dire need for common vocabulary.

Common vocabulary facilitates clear and effective communication. Well defined terminology helps to articulate our messages to the audience at large. Precise definitions facilitate productive working sessions among developers.

Taxonomy Working Committee Activities

To this end the Working Group is producing two documents:

· A Glossary of terms relevant to P2P computing. It is a living document that will continue to evolve, both by refining the meaning of terms, and by adding new terms as the field expands.

· Taxonomy for P2P. The adjective "peer-to-peer" has been applied to a broad range of technologies, leaving many observers confused as to the true meaning of the term. To help bring clarity, the Working Group is creating a taxonomy of P2P technologies that identifies areas of commonality and divergence. Unlike many other taxonomies that have been published, this one will be oriented toward technical attributes, more than toward areas of application.



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