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For active peer-to-peer working groups and research groups, please see the GGF Peer-to-Peer Area.

What are we about? File Services Working Committee Description The P2PWG Distributed File Services working committee's charter is to research and investigate issues related to Naming and Discovery, Security, Resource Mamangement, and recommend best practices for peer-to-peer I/O.
File Services Survey Paper "Distributed File services Technology Survey" DRAFT VERSIONS: The white paper will survey and analyze Distributed File Services issues as well as making tactical and strategic, technical and policy solution recommendations.
The P2PWG provided a panel session at the Intel Developer Forum August 28, 2001. The following are high-level slides updating the charters and activities of the P2PWG and its constituent working committees.
File Services Working Committee Quarterly Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes (Powerpoint) Summary minutes from quarterly face-to-face P2PWG working meetings of the File Services committee.
Distributed File Services Working Committee Weekly Meeting Minutes Meeting minutes for the Distributed File Services Working Committee.


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